Temporiti s.r.l. operates since 1965 in manufacturing of electromagnetic fail-safe brakes. The complete knowledge of all the technical aspects of the product and the efficiency of the production capacity allow our company to make different kinds of electromagnetic brakes according to the possible applications.
The company actually operates in two manufacturing plants holding about 1500 mq each, where are made, respectively, the machining and assembling of the product and the electrical parts of the brake.

Temporiti s.r.l. is certified with quality system ISO-9001 since 2001. Our technical department has been developping during the last years new products such as brake models KL, KF, Lift, K for theather and the antideflagrating brake have made a full analisys on the existing product in order to improve their quality and performances. For this reason Temporiti S.r.l. can offer a complete range of reliable products with the aim to make your products the most competitive on the market.